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Family Card

Family Card

Once, you buy food, clothes or drinks from Family Mall restaurants, cafes or clothes stores, you will gain points (money). After that, you can use those points in Family Mall restaurants, cafes or


  • Wildlife and Nature
  • Eid Ramadan
  • Ramadan Kareem
  • Ramadan Kareem

    During the holy month of Ramadan Family Mall is celebrated with many special cultural events, with traditional decorations, enjoy these activities

  • International Father's Day

    Happy International Father's Day to all Fathers

    Visit Family Mall and enjoy our activities and surprises. 

  • Kurdistan Colors Photo Exhibition

    On march 8th, Family Mall E

  • Happy Valentine's Day

    Is Valentine's Day started? YES only at Family Mall! We have designed various activities from Feb (9-15) to give you a reason to have more days

  • Charity Bazaar
    Family Mall held a four-day ‪Charity Bazaar‬ inside the mall for the refugees in order to sell their hand made products!
  • Happy Eid Al-Adha
    Family Mall wishes you a happy and joyful Eid. We welcomed this Eid Al Adha with various activities and celebrations from September 24th to Septembe
  • Happy Halloween
    Family Mall Erbil hosted the biggest public Halloween in Kurdistan and Iraq where thousands of people participated with their creative ideas for Hallo
  • Family Mall celebrated international women's Day
  • Photograph Exhibition In Family Mall

    'Paitakht u Srusht'  (which means The Capital and Nature in English), is one week exhibition of collectable works from up to 25 photographers in F

  • Find us on Social Media Platforms

    Stay tuned via our website and social media platforms for updates on the latest campaigns and activities.

  • Kids Playground

    Bring your kids to Family Mall, and let them have a good time at Kids Playground where they will play different games/activates such as Lego, Play-

  • Happy Eid Al-Fitr

    Family Mall wishes you a happy and blessed Eid! We will be celebrating Eid Al Fitr with amazing activities for all ages! What’s more, there w

  • Movies Festival

    ENJOY ANY MOVIE you might have missed this year for 8000IQD ONLY.

    Starting July 2 - July 15! Stay tuned

  • Ramadan Kareem

    During Ramadan Month, we installed a very stunning decoration in order to let people feel the atmosphere of the month. Moreover, a

  • Happy Children's Day

    On June 1st, Family Mall will celebrated The Children's Day with various activities including: Ballet Dance Performance, singing, Fa

  • Happy International Mother's Day

    On May 10th, International Mother's Day celebrated in Family Mall. This year's slogan was " Moms are a Gift". 

  • Kids Festival

    On 22nd &  23rd  of March, Family Mall held a

  • Family Mall Celebrated Valentine's Day

    We celebrated Valentine's Day with various activities including distributing red roses to those families who came to the shopping center and wi

  • Family Mall Celebrated Fourth Anniversary

    On December 15, 2014, Family Mall celebrated its 4th fourth Anniversar

  • Happy New Year

    Family Mall is the place to be this 31st December to celebrate the New Year's Eve! Bring your family & friends and let them experience thei

  • Family Mall's Christmas and New Year Decoration

    Check out our stunning Xmas Decorations and bring your Family & friends to experience something they'll never forget. Every year we use ver

  • Landmark Group to open its stores in Family Mall

    In a near future Landmark group o

  • Student Package

    Currently we are offering Student Package which enables students to have an amazing opportunity to enjoy the latest Cinema Movies and an amazing me

  • Happy Eid Al-Adha

    Family Mall wishes you a very happy and peaceful Eid Al-Adha! Visit us during Eid and enjoy our special live Music performance that filled with ent


    With a strong mix of everyday affordable fashion retailers for the whole family, Family Mall wanted an innovative back to school surprise for STUDE


    Korek Telecom announced a fundraising campaign for refuges، in Family Mall . During the ceremony, Korek Telecom handed over

  • Eid Mubarak

    Family Mall celebrated once again with great special offers with our 7$ coupon surprise campaign being launched during the coming weeks.

  • Kid's Day Celebration

    Family Mall celebrated International Children Day with numerous amazing activities including: Ballet Dance Performance, Kids Competition, Face pain

  • Mother's Day in Family Mall

    On May 11th, International Mother's Day celebrated in Family Mall. This year's slogan was " Give lots of love to your mom t

  • Spring Festival

    Samsung's Spring Festival performed in Family Mall with Kurdish folkloric Dance and many other activities. further, many of the Family Mall vis

  • Photo Exhibition

    Family Mall holds a photo exhibition under the title of ' Spring of Kurdistan'. The aim of the exhibition is to show the nature of spring i

  • Flash Mob in Family Mall

    A group of Students from University of Kurdistan-Hawler joined together for a very first flash mob in Iraq and Kurdistan. The Flash mob was perform

  • Happy New Year
  • We Love You
  • Happy Valentine’s Day
  • Happy Newrouz


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Darin Group

Darin Group

Darin Group is an Iraqi holding group, founded in 1998, launched

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